Created to fulfill the needs of small to medium businesses in the health care industry that are seeking an alternative to in-house IT solutions.

Our most popular and sought-after service is our Compliance as a Service bundle

Designed For HIPAA
Our CaaS bundle is specifically designed for health care organizations and any other HIPAA covered entity to provide all the ongoing services needed to be HIPAA compliant as it relates to your IT infrastructure.
We Know What It Takes
We take the burden off your shoulders to research and pull your hair out trying to figure out what needs to be done with your computer system to become, and remain compliant. We handle all of this for you as a service, so you can relax and focus your time and energy on what you do best.
Let Us Handle The Details
We live and breathe HIPAA compliance and we want to lend our expertise to your health care organization so you can move forward in your business with confidence that you are covered.

We can assist with both software and hardware concerns, giving peace of mind to your office through trusted products such as:

Your IT Department

We work hard on managing your IT infrastructure so that you can work hard on doing what you do best. We want you to feel comfortable treating us just like you would if you had your own IT department.

Have you been trying to manage your own computer system while also trying to run your growing practice? Are you getting tired of dealing with computer problems that are affecting the efficiency of your business? Are you growing and need to expand your computer system but arent sure how? Are you unsure if you have adequate backups to recover if you have a server failure? Are you unsure if your ePHI is properly protected and managed properly to meet HIPAA compliance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you need an IT department. But don't worry, its less expensive than you might think. We have plans to fit many budgets and can customize our services to provide whatever level of aid you are looking for. Our goal is to provide proactive service to prevent problems instead of running around fixing problems as they happen. We know that computer problems effect productivity, which means that they cost you money. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your medical office and you may have your own IT department before you know it.

We're pleased to offer local services to clients in the Sacramento, El Dorado and Amador areas, and worldwide services through remote connections.

It only takes one HIPAA violation to damage your professional reputation, so don't risk it - call us first!

With all the hacking, data breaches, and information theft splashed across the headlines lately, it's little wonder why the healthcare industry has become so concerned with security.

We'll ensure that your system is safe and secure, allowing you to manage your client’s records without concern over third party software breaches or compromised digital security.

Make the right impression on your patients

Ensure that your computer systems and connections are as professional as the healthcare services you provide. Contact Mission IT today for an assessment, targeted solution, or recommendation for your network needs. For safety, for security, and for efficiency, anything less than a call to our team is putting your medical office systems at a disadvantage.