We strive to act as a "one stop shop" for all IT issues.

Particularly when it comes to the busy, demanding world of health care services. We understand that for an office fully booked up on appointments, time is of the essence - you don't have time to wait and hope for a medical office IT service miracle.

A partial list of our comprehensive services

Domain and server management
If you’re a HIPAA covered entity, you most likely already have a domain and one or more servers. Ongoing management of your domain and servers is critical to stability, efficiency, and compliance.
Managed backup solutions
Your backups are only useful if they work when you need them. Managed backups ensure that your data is recoverable when you need it.
Security and antivirus solutions
Ransomware, viruses, and hacking are some of the largest security threats that your medical office will face. Our solutions are catered to protect your data from these threats.
Wired and wireless networking
Whether your expanding, moving, or just starting out, we are a licensed low voltage contractor, and we have you covered for your wired and wireless communication.
Business VOIP phone systems
Upgrade to an enterprise grade voip phone solution that is rich in features and will probably save you money over traditional analog based phone systems.
We live and breath compliance. Our most desired service is our Compliance as a Service (CaaS). We formulate a targeted service plan to get you compliant and keep you there.
Complete IT management
Would you like your own IT department? Let us handle your IT needs so you can focus on growing your business and caring for your patients.
Monthly service plans
Budget for your IT services with our service plans that provide the services you need on a monthly basis.
Proprietary software integration
Whether its your EMR software, or one of a host of other 3rd party software solutions on the market, we have the expertise to manage and integrate them into your environment.
Remote Support
We employ the most secure remote support solutions on the market, so that we can provide support quickly when you need us without compromising the integrity of your data.
IT Consulting
If you have goals but don’t know what technology you need to make them happen, we are here for you. We offer solutions for your technology hurdles.
Surveillance solutions
We offer video/surveillance solutions that meet compliance requirements and provide the premises security that you need to protect and monitor your valuable assets.

(Don't see the particular IT service you need? Call and ask - chances are, we're ready and willing to make it happen!)

Let us handle the wires - your patients need your focus and attention far more than the underside of your desk. There's a better way to run your medical office, one that doesn't involve hoping the right patient file will show up when you hit a key, or that your save will "take" properly when you're trying to upload test results and notes. Call Mission IT Solutions today at 209-257-4620 to get a quote or discuss a complex issue: we're on call and ready to solve it for you.